Cancel Thornton, CO AMBER Alert, 6/8/2017. 

To my friends and followers.

The Thornton, CO AMBER Alert from June 8th, 2017 has been cancelled.

With sincere sadness we report the victim has been recovered deceased. This case is currently treated by the Thornton, CO police department as a homicide. 

At AMBER Apartment Alerts and Missing Children Task Force we are careful about issuing both alerts and cancellations. We are tasked to remove postings when there is a resolution.
AMBER Apartment Alerts is granted a status as a distributor of AMBER Alerts with conditions set forth in a Memorandum of Understanding from the Department of Justice.

Often an alert will be pulled from our sites waiting confirmation of that resolution. We only accept resolutions from law enforcement agencies to include state AMBER Alert Coordinators and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

We use over 17 social media outlets for distribution of alerts in addition to direct distribution to targeted locations through e-mail blast. I thank those who assist us. Since inception, we have been involved in several successful rescues due to poster redistribution.
Please share AMBER Alerts when you see them. Public awareness

Is what makes this program successful. Missing children reports have decreased from over 800,000 per year when we started to 500,000 in the most recent DOJ report. Not all reported missing children are AMBER
Alerts. Regardless, all missing children are important. Your awareness sharing missing children reports do help. The statistics are proof. Thank you for your continued support.


About AMBER Apartment Alerts

"One Person Can Make A Difference’ Working with companies that have access to over 33,000,000 rental homes in communities across the United States and Territories, AMBER Apartment Alerts is dedicated to making apartment communities one less place for abductors to hide children. AMBER Apartment Alerts is a humanitarian service organization providing law enforcement and parents or legal guardians of abducted or missing/endangered children additional eyes across the country to assist with their reunification. We never charge to add owners and suppliers in the rental housing industry to be added to our distribution lists. Despite extraordinary distribution success, we will continue to increase participation through recognized media and quick response to alerts and resolutions by increasing awareness of the program through education and industry participation. The mission of AMBER Apartment Alerts is to limit abductors places to hide and increase search area capabilities for abducted or Missing/Endangered Children using one of the largest networks in America, The Apartment and Rental Housing industry and to ensure no child is denied an active search based on race, religion or circumstance.
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